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We offer any type of visa in Phuket!

We provide different types of visas in Phuket, such as:

Non-Immigrant “ED” visa.

Student Visa or Education Visa is one of the most famous and sought-after type kind of visa in Thailand.

If you would like to stay in the country for leisure or to engage and to immerse with the Thai culture and Tradition then this visa is the best for you.

Usually Student Visa or Education Visa is for those who want to study in Thailand, particularly those who are pursuing their bachelor’s degree or higher education, or those who are currently taking language courses or vocational courses in Thailand.

This kind of visa will be issued to the applicant for a maximum of 1 year and can be extended yearly.

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The Thailand business visa commonly refered to as a Non-Immigrant B Visa can be valid for either a single entry or for multiple entries. It can be obtained in the Foreigner’s home country and in some cases can be obtained in Thailand.
It is a long term Thai visa that entitles the holder stay for 1 year periods in Thailand. The visa is renewable every year and the renewal process can be done inside Thailand. The Non B Visa can also be used to obtain a work permit in Thailand. In order for that to happen the Company that sponsors the visa must also sponsor the work permit.

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Non-Immigrant O “Retirement Visa in Thailand”
Is issued by Thai Immigration Office if you are over 50 years of age and intend to retire in Thailand, however, there are certain qualifications you need to pass first. The application process for retirement visa in Thailand is somewhat straightforward.

There are some complications as well when it comes to applying for Retirement Visa, although some Royal Thai embassies from other countries issues Retirement Visa, when it comes to Immigration Offices in Thailand different cases and requirements occur that’s why it is advisable to hire a Visa service agency to assist you.

Obtaining a Thailand retirement visa is not a problem that you have to worry about.

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One of the most exciting part of a foreigner’s stay in Thailand is the Visa Run.

A visa run is the journey towards a neighboring country where a foreigner (whether tourist or professional) needs to apply a visa to stay legally back in the kingdom. Due to the government’s complicated visa laws and provisions, a falang (Thai term which means foreigner) is rendered to apply for it outside the country upon the visa’s expiration. Destinations practically include all the neighboring nations, but we will discuss the visa run to Malaysia in particular.


One of the most common visa extensions is the 30 day visa extension in Bangkok, which effectively means that visitors can stay in Thailand for a month longer than originally planned.1 time extension is allowed. Unless with some instances that you’ve got into accident, you can go to the doctor and ask for more days to extend and present your medical to the officer.

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Notification of Staying in the Kingdom over 90 Days (90 Days Report)

According to The Immigration Act,B.E.2522,the foreigner who has received a temporary stay permit and stayed in the Kingdom of Thailand over 90 days must notify his/her residence to immigration officer every 90 days.We can help you if you can’t do this 90 days.

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An official translation usually includes some form of proof, a stamp for example, or accompanied by a certification or a statement by the official language translator.

Mostly translation needed is when Thai to english, or other languages to thai. It takes 5-7days depends on how many pages consist.


For foreigners who wishes to register child’s birth, marriage and others.

Documents needed will be asked, and provided by the clients, and we will do it in your behalf.It takes 15-20 workingd days.

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